Struggling Life of Deshnetry Begum Khaleda Zia(PartTwo)- Zubair Tanvir Siddique

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Begum Khaleda Zia, Three Term(Bythepeople) Ex. Prime Minister of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. She Is(Bythepeople) The First Female Prime Minister In Bangladesh And The Second(After Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan In 1988–1990) In The Muslim World.


Story of A Housewife Who Turned Into “The Leader Of The Nation’’ Due To The Necessity of Her Country And People.

Written By : Zubair Tanvir Siddique

Road To Become “The Leader of The Nation”(1991-1996):

Emerged As The Precursor And Protector of The Fair Voting Right of The People Of Bangladesh:

Begum Khaleda ZiaAfter Giving Endless Efforts And Going Through Hell In Order To Provide A Successful And Necessary Leadership In A War To Restore The Peoples Right (Democracy) Begum Khaleda Zia Was Finally Elected By The Ever Grateful People As The First Female Prime Minister In Bangladesh (20 March 1991) And Began Her New Journey Towards Giving An Institutional Face To The Newly Restored Democracy.

The Harsh Truth Is That, In Context of Bangladesh, Establishing Democracy Has Never Been And Nor Will Be An Easy Task. There Will Always Be Endless Huddles And Countless Obstacles To Transfix The Process, Especially Political Rivals Lacking Ideology And Integrity Who Have Made It Their Business To Create Countless Adverse Situations In Order To Overthrow BNP From Power. That’s Why, When BNP Defeated Awamileauge At A Transparent Election (Elections On 27 February 1991) Certified By All International Community, The Opposition(Awamileauge)Announced, And I Quote: “এই নির্বাচনে অতি সূক্ষ্ম কারচুপি হয়েছে, আওয়ামীলিগ এই নির্বাচন মানে না এবং আমরা একটি দিনের জন্যও বিএনপিকে শান্তিতে সরকার পরিচালনা করতে দিব না”

Translation: “Awamileauge Doesn’t Abide By This Exquisite Artifice of An Election And We Won’t Let BNP Conduct The Government In Peace”

So They Remained By Their Commitment And Accordingly Started Building Walls And Creating Obstacles In The Name of Anti-Government Movement On The Path of BNP Government Towards Progress And Prosperity of Bangladesh.

According To The Constitution of Bangladesh, After The Completion of A Government’s Term, The President Shall Appoint The Chief Justice To Conduct A Fair Democratic National Parliamentary Election. But Begum Khaleda Zia Was Committed To The People of Her Country And Wanted To Give Them A Fearless Voting Right Forever.

So Begum Khaleda Zia Arranged The 15 February 1996 Election. But The Opposition Boycotted That Election, As A Result of The Boycott BNP Had A Landslide Victory In The Sixth Jatiya Sangshad And Formed Government Again. Begum Khaleda Zia Became Prime Minister For The Second Time(February 1996). Then She Called Upon The First Assembly of The Sixth Jatiya Sangshad And Passed The 13th Amendment (#CaretakerGovernment) To The Constitution. After Passed The 13 Amendment (Caretaker Government)The Parliament(Sixth Jatiya Sangshad)Was Dissolved To Pave The Way For Parliamentary Elections Within 90 Days Under A Caretaker Government.

In This Way Begum Khaleda Zia Emerged As The Precursor And Protector of The Fair Voting Right of The People Of Bangladesh.

To Be Continued………………….

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