I would like to ask 160 million Bangladeshis to name one country that could threaten our sovereignty and national interest?

Keeping this question in mind, Last month, We Are the People with Jacob Milton conducted a survey on the above question and other related questions. Participants of the survey were 1,000 Bangladeshis who have a Master’s Degree.

Followings are the result:

Question: Geographically and logically, which countries pose a threat to our sovereignty and national interest?

Answer: India – 91%
Myanmar – 7%
Not Sure – 2%

Question: Do you believe Bangladesh is an independent state right at this moment?

Answer: No – 88%
Yes – 9%
Not Sure – 3%

Question: Who do you think is running Bangladesh at this moment?

Answer: India – 95%
Hasina Wazed – 4%
Not Sure – 1%

Question: Who is the most powerful person in Bangladesh right at this time?

Answer: Mr. Harsh Vardhan Shringla – 87%
Hasina Wazed – 11%
Not Sure – 2%

Question: Bangladesh Armed Forces Services and BDR have been destroyed through Pilkhana Massacre. Who has full control over these institutions?

Answer: India – 96%
Not Sure – 4%

Question: With which country should Bangladesh build a relationship to protect its sovereignty and existence?

Answer: USA – 41%
China – 43%
India – 4%
Muslim Countries – 7%
Not Sure – 5%

I am well aware of the conditions of our country but couldn’t believe these dire scenarios of Bangladesh. Our country is no better place than Iraq or Afghanistan, where human life is worth nothing. Dead bodies are seen near highways, drains, ponds or rivers. It’s arguable that the conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan are bad due to the U.S. invasion, as everyone knows. But Bangladesh’s condition is same or worse, due to what?

After conducting above mentioned survey, people do not have to be rocket scientists to realize the reason behind Bangladesh’s current conditions. Bangladesh is under Indian invasion but COWARD INDIA and Hasina do not have the nerve to say it. U.S.A. has their shameless policies but at least they have the courage, but INDIA is something else. India goes to a country like Maldives, Bhutan and Sikkim. They buy those countries’ corrupt political leaders and so called literates. Then India destroys their defense structure. Once India become successful, they start controlling their national financial institutions and foreign policies. Look at those countries now. Sikkim is gone. Bhutan dissolved their military and forced to replace with Indian Army. Their DRAGON AIRLINES is gone. The conditions of Maldives’ are same as BHUTAN.

Now, India is using all of their resources and focusing on Bangladesh.

In the past, India failed to buy Sheikh Mujib in the past but they successfully bought Hasina Wazed and her other family members. It is very fair to say that India not only bought Hasina Wazed and her family, but the entire AWAMI LEAGUE. Then they bought BNP leadership who are not willing to say anything against the interest of INDIA. India bought 95% of our kulangar, shoe-sucking literates who are singing Bangladeshi national anthem but working for India’s interests.

With this joint military exercise, India just entered into our territory and they will never leave until we beat them fairly and squarely, and achieving that result will be harder since we do not have leaders like Sheikh Mujib or Ziaur Rahman. Our current political leaders are more like Lendup Darzi, Sisi or Noori Al Maliki.

As Bangladeshis, at this point please ignore what political party you support or belong to. Raise your voice against this joint military exercise. Only people who will support it are the ones carrying Bangladeshi passport but supporting India. Any leader who is telling you otherwise – please ignore them for the sake of our own sovereignty and independence. We shouldn’t care about AWAMI LEAGUE, BNP, JAMAAT or any other political party but our beloved country, Bangladesh.

I would like to remind everyone that in 1971, millions of Bangladeshis sacrificed their lives without getting true independence. It looks like we have to sacrifice our blood and lives again for the sake of a country named, Bangladesh.

Jacob Milton
We Are The People