His works exposed Saifur Rahman


Highly Gifted Man is mortal, but the actions of a few people got into immortality, between the ages of those great things are everlasting. Every human life is a source of inspiration for their libido. Successful economist, the late owner of the development of the country Saifur Rahman, one of the bhagyabanaderai. The luminary siletasaha division of the country to contribute to the development of the brilliant left. His work has received recognition and quality. From one corner to the opposite non-stop introduction to the country in a short time through the arena, and genuine love for the people, he succeeded. There is no alternative to the development and advancement Saifur Rahman in Sylhet. So I’ve got a place in the hearts of siletabasira in recognition of his actions. Before the development of a minister or not, there are doubts whether the next one. Today is Saifur Rahman, has been crying the whole siletabasike. There is no way to tie him to just go to mattresses division. The former finance minister has been in the position that economic emancipation of the people of Bangladesh will remain as long as the lock on the state of the world that is worthy of the pages of memory.

Saifur Rahman was a senior politician and a colorful full active life. Methopatha come up and down the village path picadhala drstantagatha Saifur Rahman was an exemplary life. While he was a student of Dhaka University took part in the Language Movement. For this he was imprisoned. At the end of the first chartered accountants, academic, and political life, he served in several important positions in the government, parliament elected a member of the highly successful and discreetly. He is the only person who has the highest number of the Bangladesh government as Finance Minister in his budget speech in Parliament and served as finance minister for a long time. He played an important role for the country abroad bring glory and honor and reputation. He served as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank and the Organization of iphadasaha. The success of his life was touched wear. Starting from his personal touch to the success of the state. Irrespective of the country of the people, regardless of who is acceptable to all, and he was known as an idealist. His speech was a lot of local regional tension. Her voice was not juicy pair.

1932 M Saifur Rahman, Sylhet, Moulvibazar district baharamardana was born in March. His father, Abdul Basit. In 1949, the letter from the markasaha Moulvibazar Government High School Matriculation, Intermediate, and in 1951 from Sylhet MC College BCom degree in 1953 from Dhaka University. 1953 student of Dhaka University, he took part in the great Language Movement and was imprisoned for more than two months. In 1953, he graduated from university degrees went to London for higher studies in the same year and in 1958, the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England and Wales) was a fellow.

As a member of parliament elected four times Saifur Rahman, Ziaur Rahman came by the hand of party politics. Ziaur Rahman, a successful and busy Chartered ayakaunatyantake politics made him a successful politician. One of the party’s highest policymaking forum, the National Standing Committee Member Saifur Rahman, Bangladesh, and the highest number in more than a decade as finance minister presented the budget to the conquerors. From 1976 until the first 198 served as Finance Minister of Commerce and the Government of Bangladesh. In 1991-96, as the technocrat ministers of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce also plans several times, served the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Moulvibazar Sadar seat in 1979, he was elected a member of parliament for the first time. In 1996, Sylhet and Moulvibazar -4 -3 -1 Sylhet and Moulvibazar -3 seats and 001 seats in the parliament was elected. He served as finance and planning. The Value Added Tax, or VAT, when he was finance minister in 1991-96 promoter Saifur Rahman, Bangladesh’s economic reforms took some concrete steps, which are widely acclaimed both nationally and internationally. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, was elected chairman of the Board of Governors. IMF and World Bank held in Madrid in October 1994, the 50th anniversary, he presided over the conference. 198082, during 1991-96 the World Bank, ADB, IDB, the governor was aiephaedite. In 1994-95 he was Vice Chairman of the Asian Development Bank. Saifur Rahman EEC, ESCAP, Commonwealth, ankatarda, IFAD, the World Bank, the finance and trade delegation, led by aiemaephe. In 1979, as a special envoy of the President of India, visited Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Non-Aligned Summit held in Colombia in 1995, she represented the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. OIC summit held in Bosnia in 1995, he was the head of the delegation. He was the chairman of the Economy Planning Council Executive Committee. 005 awarded to him for his contribution to the language movement is provided. Saifur Rahman had been suffering from prostate cancer for a long time.

Late immense potential Saifur Rahman was very concerned about the Sylhet region. “The hair of the toenail, the Sylhet region of the human heart, pure Sylheti this mahatprana significant step took place with the whole siletabasira. He received a commendable contribution to the development of underprivileged local Scotch sincere gratitude, endless love and respect. The leaders of the political arena and the administration of the higher division, he left behind a role model for sedentary siletidera. Every year hundreds of crores of foreigners Sylhet Osmani International Airport in Sylhet send passenger and visitor facilities were very limited. Therefore, in order for the larger aircraft can land at the airport Osmani directly overseas, so he took the initiative. He also took steps to extend the runway. Sylhet expatriates to benefit from his efforts. Live in London today, passengers coming from Kuwait to Sylhet Osmani Airport. Hazrat Shahjalal (ra.) Dargah Sharif Dargah Sharif courtyard gate construction and beautification, Hazrat Shahporan (s.) – Beautification of the Dargah Sharif, kasphinabrijera proposers and entrepreneurs to build bridges instead of hanging, Madan Mohan College and immense contribution to the development of the country stediyamasaha everywhere.

009 5 September maikroyoge his way to Dhaka from Moulvibazar Ashugonj birthplace of road accident victims are dying (Innalillahi … died). At the age of 77 till the last breath, he has spent respectable life. Saif ur-Rahman lost after only one question seems to hang siletabasira Saifur Rahman, Sylhet like anyone else love this? Sylhet as he loved, gave her rendition siletabasio. Saifur Rahman local footprint in the chest and never will be. But siletabasira stay awake forever in the hearts of the great man.

In the poem:
‘Surma, Kushiyara, Manu will be long flowing
Saifur Rahman said his impression on the land flaring “

Karmabira late Saifur Rahman patriotism, sincerity and devotion to our society in all areas of national life, and whether to raise the praise of God in the court of the great hopes for this. Finally, gratefully recall his full active life, and his life is a journey and a non-stop journey karmacesta us, I hope.